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The Auschwitz Huggers

Published on Saturday, June 21 of 2014 by

It’s a beautiful summer morning. The sun is shining, bees and flies are swarming in the Cecil Brunner rose, the smog still hovers over the horizon. Here in the old garage the air is cool, the newspaper clippings and manuscripts and books are stacked up on the table around the typewriter. Overhead I can hear our upstairs neighbor hanging out her wash on the garage roof.

Two years have passed since I published the last issue of Smith’s Journal. I hardly know how to account for so much time elapsing. Each day is a long and complicated affair, while in retrospect each year is short and ephemeral. For two years I have avoided writing anything about the gas chamber stories. I didn’t stop thinking about them. The stories still came at me in a steady stream in the papers, the magazines, on television and radio and in book after book after book. I was told again and again and again that I should never forget what happened to the Jews during World War II, what the Germans did to them. In the endless reams of stories about the matter, I have yet to read one story where the Germans are not beasts, and not one where a Jew did something naughty.

In the end that’s what has happened; I have not been allowed to forget. I have come to realize that there are people in this country and all over the Western World who devote the most significant parts of their lives to assuring themselves that I will never forget. They’re professional Jews in the main, professional Zionists, cultists of the gas chambers, obsessive, self righteous commissars who have organized themselves with un-matched fanaticism to gain for themselves the dominant perspective of how 20 th century history is written. Their horror of open dialogue, disguised by a manufactured contempt for those who do not believe what they have been told to believe, this cultist horror of free inquiry, is exactly what assures me and can assure these cultists that I will not forget.

In the Los Angeles Times this morning Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is devoted to “the study of the Holocaust and it’s implications,” writes that for the first time an official Soviet Publication has attacked the truth of the Holocaust “that befell European Jewry.” Pravda has published a mass circulation pamphlet titled “On the Path of Aggression and Racism,” which asserts that the number of Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis was “relatively small and that, furthermore, the killings occurred with the knowledge, approval and cooperation in Palestine and the United States.”

Not so many Jews exterminated by Germans after all then? A “relatively small number?” How many is a small number? Less than six million? Is Pravda, the mouthpiece of the Supreme Soviet, getting set to deny the Holocaust ever happened? If there is one thing about the commies that you can be certain of, it’s that you cannot depend on them.

If the Soviets are beginning to lie about the mass extermination of the six million Jews now, were they telling the truth forty years ago? Is this a case where the truthful are becoming liars, or are old liars becoming truthful? It was Stalinists, along with Jews themselves, who supplied the bulk of what is called “evidence” for the gas chambers in the first place. Those are the people who are still doing it today. Are those old partners in German-baiting having a falling out? How much of what was put into evidence then is going to be denied now?

And the other Pravda accusation noted by Rabbi Cooper, that “the killings of Jews occurred with the knowledge, approval and cooperation of Jewish leaders in Palestine and the United States “-what about that one? Are we being serious here?

But listen to this.

Reb Moshe Shonefeld, who is not your typical American anti-Semite precisely, though he might be one among the myriads of Jews who professional Jews say hate themselves, has written a book titled The Holocaust Victims Accuse. In it he quotes Yitzchak Greenbaum, who in February 1943 was acting chairman of the Zionist Committee for the Rescue of European Jewry.

“When they [Diaspora Jews] come to us with two plans-the rescue of the masses of Jews in Europe, or the redemption of the land [ Palestine ]-I vote without a second thought for the redemption of the land. The more said about the slaughter of our people the greater the minimization of our efforts to strengthen and promote the Hebraization of the land [ Palestine ]. If there were a possibility today of buying packages of food with the money of the [United Jewish Appeal] to send it through Lisbon [to the concentration camps], would we do such a thing? No! And once again, no!”

There appears to be a difference of opinion here about how much enthusiasm was excited in American and Israeli Jews about the plight of their kinsmen in Europe during the “Holocaust”. I do not expect to see this issue very much debated in the pages of the Los Angeles Times. The Times concentrates on showing how, during World War II, Americans who were not Jews did not come up to the mark in their responsibilities toward helping Jews.

Meanwhile, the good Rabbis at the Simon Wiesenthal Center have their work cut out for them. They have to push straight ahead with that version of the Holocaust story to which they have committed their lives, and evade, ignore, squash, and destroy any observation or fact that does not mesh seamlessly with what they are so desperate for the rest of us to believe.

Ben Hecht, the prolific, Jewish, Hollywood writer and German-hater wrote in his book Perfidy:

“.. In 1943, we, who called out the plight of the Romanian Jews to the world, were discredited by the Zionist unions, the established Zionist leadership and their associated philanthropies, as scandalmongers. Our attempt to get the Jews out of Romania before the Germans came was scotched.. This silence was a wretched business of Jewish leaders lying about the slaughter of Europe ‘s Jewry-trying to hide it, soft pedal it-for what? These organizations, these philanthropists, these timorous Jewish lodge members in Zion, London and America -these Zionist leaders who let six million kinsmen burn. Without a protest, with indifference, and even with a glint of anti-semitic cunning in their political plannings-I sum up against them. These factotums, these policy makers, the custodians of the Jewish future in Palestine who hung on to their jobs, who lorded it over their real estate holdings in Palestine. Those Palestine leaders who stayed mum on the slaughter of the Jews in Europe and were garrulous as geese on the needs of Zionism in Palestine.

Ben Hecht wrote that in 1944. He was getting his Jewish extermination news straight from Soviet communist sources, Stalinists and Jews. What if Ben were alive today to hear the latest news coming out of the Soviet press? That the number of Jews who died at the hands of the hated Germans was “relatively small?” It might have taken some of the pizzazz out of Ben’s prose. It might have caused Ben to wonder if the leaders of Zion were really the poltroons and cowards he wrote they were, or if, perhaps, just perhaps, those Zionist leaders did not in their heart of hearts believe quite all the horror stories they were helping to spread. That perhaps, just perhaps, they knew what they were doing after all and Ben, along with so many others, simply had the wrong line on them.

At the time Ben Hecht was in such a lather about German beasts exterminating helpless Jews in diabolical gas chambers, Yitzchak Greenbaum, chairman of the Jewish Agency, was being quoted as saying: “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” Such Zionist poltroons cannot be dismissed entirely any person, not even those who are Zionist poltroons, when they understand so well the value of a good cow. What a line! Just the ticket for a Broadway burlesque, or for Hollywood so far as that goes.

Let’s just say that the commies at Pravda have the right to change their story occasionally, that Zionist Jews have the right to differ amongst themselves over the worth of a kinsmen in duress, and that holocaust cultists at the Simon Weisenthal Center should be permitted to go on telling half a story if that’s what pleases them most. Old ways are the most difficult to change.

Meanwhile, the stories about the German concentration camps get crazier and crazier. In the East Village Eye, another of those sober, thoughtful, New York Jewish periodicals, there is a story by one Tadeusz Borowski titled “The Death Of Schillinger”.

“Until 1943, First Sergeant Schillinger performed the duties of Lagerfuhrer, or chief commanding officer of labor sector ‘D’ at Birkenau, which was centrally administered from Auschwitz

“Schillinger reigned over sector ‘D’ with an iron hand. He could strike a blow as hard as a metal bar; he could crack a jaw or crush the life out of a man [by hugging him to death] with no apparent effort.

“Furthermore he visited the crematoria regularly and liked to watch people being shoved into the gas chambers. His name was usually linked with the names of Palitsch, Krankenmann, and many other Auschwitz murderers who boasted that they had personally succeeded in killing with the fist, the club, or the revolver, at least ten thousand people each.

This Schillinger was a murderer of note, no doubt about it. Ten thousand murders with fist, club and pistol! And then there were those he hugged to death. Maybe another couple thousand there. And then are Palitsch, and Krankenmann who between them murdered perhaps another twenty thousand with fist, club, revolver and hugging. And then the “many other” murderers linked to those cruising the yards of Auschwitz-Birkenau punching, clubbing, pistoling and hugging the life out of tens of thousands of slave laborers, mostly Jews. It’s a wonder, frankly, that the Germans got any work done at all at Auschwitz using guards like Schillinger, Krankenmann, Palitach and the many others.

And then there’s a date given for Schillinger’s death, August 1943. Schillinger had to have exterminated his ten thousand (and maybe more) Jewish slave laborers in about a year’s time, because the show didn’t being until 1942. Twenty, twenty-five exterminations a day punching, clubbing, pistoling and hugging and all the while no doubt carrying on with his regular duties. The man was a mensch. Let’s give the devil his due. But then he was German, and the whole world knows what a German is capable of.

You would think such a monster Jew-killer would be mentioned in some of the well-known titles in the literature of Holocaust cultism. Maybe he is. But his name is not indexed in Hilberg’s The Destruction of the European Jews. He’s not mentioned in Leon Poliakov’s Harvest of Hate, or The Holocaust Years: Society On Trial ” by Chartock and Spencer, or Reitlinger’s The Final Solution, or Levin’s The Holocaust, or in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by Shirer.

And such an outstanding German bestial murderer, this Schillinger, this veritable proto-type of the German hell monster, and not a mention, not a reference, not even a footnote? What can I say? Of course Borowski, the author of this Schillinger garbage, is probably not making the story up completely out of whole cloth, there probably was a Schillinger, he probably was a bad egg, and Borowski probably heard of him while he was in Auschwitz. Probably.

Borowski, if his creation about Schillinger is challenged, can always reply that in fact Schillinger did not actually kill 20 or 25 people every day for a year, weekends included, with fist, club, pistoling and hugging, nor did Krankenmann or Palitsch. They only “bragged” that they did. The reader understands however that that is not what Borowski intends us to believe when he cooks up the article, or what the East Village Eye intends in publishing it.

The intent is to create still more sympathy for Jews by defaming still more Germans as beasts, for the ten-thousandth time, and to use demonstrable lies to do it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe somebody will show me where I’m wrong.



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