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#10 Israeli-Firsters, Iraq, and the “Other” WMD Fraud

Originally published on November 13,  2004



Following is the text of an ad that I would like to run in campus newspapers. It can be formatted into twelve column inches–two columns by six inches deep. It can be formatted into any size larger than that, but not smaller. If the ad is run, it would probably create substantial possibilities for follow-up with the print press and talk radio. If we want to contribute to an open debate on the Holocaust story, and the moral issues involved in the U.S. alliance with Israel, there is no better way of reaching our university campuses than by placing “essay” advertisements in student newspapers.

If you agree with the thrust of the text, and with the way it is worded, and would like to see it run in a specific campus paper — or any paper — I would like your help with publishing costs. I have done a lot of this work in the past, and I believe it is time to get back into it. Revisionists are talking a great deal among revisionists, but we are not speaking to much effect with those who are not yet revisionists. Ads such as this one are meant to bring in new, young people.

Do you want to help? I’m all ears.

Here is the text of the ad..



Israeli-firsters-those who promoted the Iraqi weapons-of-mass-destruction fraud-emerged directly from the loins of the Israeli-firsters who, half a century earlier, promoted the original WMD fraud, the German homicidal gas-chamber invention.

In Arab and Muslim lands, the German WMD fraud is discussed openly in universities and media, along with the Iraqi WMD fraud. In America, the taboo against questioning the connection between the Iraqi and German WMD frauds is so effective that not even Arabs and Muslims who live in the US feel free to address it.

We should be able to recognize the obvious. It is the Israeli-firsters who have benefited from both the Iraqi and the German WMD frauds, while it is Arabs, Muslims, and U.S. taxpayers-to the tune of a couple hundred billion dollars-who have suffered because of it.

Israeli-firsters depend on the Holocaust/gas-chamber story to morally justify their working of the U.S. Congress to underwrite the U.S./Israeli alliance, to morally justify the conquest and colonization of Arab land by European Jews, and to morally justify the preemptive war against Iraq that is so valuable to Israeli security-in the short run. How else could they justify any of it?

There would be no moral justification for the US Congress to continue to fund the Israeli colonization of Palestine without the German WMD fraud, which is the heart and soul of the Holocaust story. There would have been no moral justification for the creation of the Israeli state itself without the Holocaust story. It is taboo for your professors to talk to you about this. Who benefits from the taboo? Muslims? Americans? Palestinians? Or those who created the taboo, manage it, and exploit it for their own benefit?

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