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Letter to the Editor of the Daily Iowan

Published on Tuesday, January 19 of 2016 by

Bradley R. Smith
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Stacey Murray

January 12

Letter to the Editor

I want to congratulate, The Daily Iowan staff for allowing me to present my book, A Personal History of Moral Decay, via a text link in the Daily Iowan. It’s a tiny ad, it has only six (6) words, A Personal History of Moral Decay, which serves as a link to the book on

A Personal History of Moral Decay is a collection of autobiographical stories that treat with my experiences as a rifleman in Korea, bullfighting in Mexico, being broke and down and out on Hollywood Boulevard, working as a free-lance reporter in Vietnam in 1968, and back to Hollywood working in construction and living alone in a one room apartment behind Grumman’s Chinese Theater. Until the night it happened. I discovered there was something wrong with the orthodox Holocaust story, and realized it was taboo to question any significant segment of the story. The taboo fascinated me.

I am submitting a new text link to the Daily Iowan reading: “The Night I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz” (9 words).  One reason I have chosen this story is that it relates directly to a new film on the Holocaust titled Son of Saul . My story directly contradicts the primary thesis of this well received movie. Son of Saul argues that Jews would cooperate with Nazis in the slaughter of their own wives and children, while The Night I Dreamed . . . . argues that they would not.

I understand that if a reporter working at The Daily Iowan reveals that she has read a revisionist argument that make sense, she risks everything. It is my experience that the taboo prohibiting a free exchange of ideas on this one historical issue is maintained, not by students, but by academics and those who employ them. Why would that be?


Bradley Smith
Along the way you will find my new Web page:

If you have any suggestions about the book, or about the Web page, I’m all ears.


18 January 2016

NOTE:  The above letter to the Daily Iowan has not been published so I’m sending it along to you with the hope that the information it provides might interest you. In the event, The Daily Iowan has continued to run my text link for A Personal History of Moral Decay, but has refused to run a text link to the story The Night I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz. That is, it will continue to publish a text link to a book that outlines the author’s 30-year development of a True Believer in the orthodox Holocaust story to those few moments when True Belief shattered and he became a “Doubter.” But it has chosen to not publish a text link to the story where I tell how it happened, the very moment it happened, when I came to understand that those hundreds and thousands of Jews who worked as sondercommando in the German camps would not have done what they have been charged and even confessed to having done. That I know from personal experience they would not have done it.

Who is there at the University of Iowa, or anywhere else, who would want to suppress such a story as The Night I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz, who would not want such a story to be made public?

Bradley R Smith


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