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An Appeal from Bradley Smith

Published on Sunday, November 15 of 2015 by

Friends and Supporters:

I have begun to insert a small ad as an Online text link in student newspapers at campuses around the country. It is the smallest and least expensive ad that can be run. The entire text of the ad consists of the title of my book, A Personal History of Moral Decay, a collection of autobiographical stories set in Korea, Mexico, Hollywood, Vietnam and Hollywood again. Currently the text link is running in The Daily Iowan and The Vermont Cynic.

The surprise here is that when the link is clicked on it does not take the reader to CODOH, but to where the book itself is illustrated. There the reader finds this text:

“Bradley Smith has been described by the Los Angeles Times as an “anarchist libertarian” and by the Anti-Defamation League as one of the most dangerous “extremists” in America. In A Personal History of Moral Decay, he emerges as a simple writer struggling to find “right relationship” in a world where the political and the personal converge, without tidy resolution, through the coruscating prism of human experience. Threaded over decades and spanning continents, Smith’s episodic memoir unspools in bright layers of crisp, laconic prose to illuminate the adventures, the moral failures, the fleeting epiphanies, and the interpersonal bonds that haunt and animate a life. Let this be your introduction to one of the most distinctive, if overlooked, voices in American literature.”

That is, the reader discovers a literary work written by a Holocaust revisionist which he or she can access without risking being smeared as a racist or anti-Semite. It opens a door. It’s not the front door, but one on the side of the revisionist structure. Once the curious student or professor enters through A Personal History of Moral Decay, a literary work, he or she is presented with access to everything published on CODOHWeb . It will not be necessary for the reader to go there. It’s an individual choice.

And it’s not a matter of selling the book, but of taking new readers to CODOHWeb via a side entrance which is smear-proof (for real individuals, not the Hillel/ADL species).

If a student newspaper refuses to pint an Online text link for a literary work, that’s about as close to censorship as you can get. It will be my work to point this out far and wide, using the Internet to address students and professors and administration on the offending campus, plus free speech organizations generally.

The primary problem here, and there is as yet no other real “problem,” is that since I have handed Smith’s Report and CODOH itself over to others via The Bradley Smith Charitable Trust, my income has fallen off badly. A simple matter of fact. There is a severe lack of funds on this end. The Links will cost less than $100 each, but there are no funds presently to spend on those links, and no funds to maintain the rest of the work that I remain, and will remain, doing.

I need your help to carry through with this simple but potentially significant project.

Can you help? Will you?

It will be very much appreciated

Thank you.


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