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Bradley Smith is Interviewed by Jim Rizoli

Published on Monday, December 21 2015 by Sonico

This interview is the first we have done via Skype. I look like an old man here. There’s nothing we can do about the quality of the visuals, but I have been told the back and forth is interesting and amusing. I enjoyed working with Mr. Rizoli. Even got a few laughs out of it. Anyhow, here we are. Tell me what you think.





Published on Wednesday, December 9 2015 by Sonico

 By Bradley R. Smith


One night in late December I dream that I’ve been gassed at Auschwitz. In the dream, as I become aware of myself inside the gas chamber, the gassing itself is already over. I see myself sitting naked in the center of the floor; the room around me choked with naked cadavers heaped to the ceiling. The dead are filthy with feces, urine, vomit and menstrual blood. The scene is faintly illuminated in an ugly green light.

I’m not dead and I’m not suffering. Before I have time to evaluate my situation two large doors at …


Smith’s Report # 218 is now online

Published on Saturday, December 5 2015 by Sonico

Sensational Data
By Jett Rucker

Austria’s largest newspaper, the tabloid Kronen Zeitung, published this breathless report (in German) on 6,300 census forms recently found inside an interior wall in a mansion close by the Parliament building in Budapest. The forms, circulated in four districts of Budapest on May 30, 1944, required owners of residential property to report various data on their holdings, including the numbers of tenants or occupants, and the numbers of Christians and Jews among these.

The timing of this action was auspicious: the Wehrmacht had just invaded and occupied Hungary, as the Red Army approached from the …