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Eric Hunt: 3D imagery demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax

Published on Sunday, August 30 2015 by Sonico

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The Auschwitz Crema 1 Hole Hoax

By Eric Hunt

As pointed out by many revisionists before, the four holes in the roof of the morgue of Crematorium 1 at Auschwitz 1 camp, do not “fit” the original configuration of the building. In fact, they are centered over the current post-war modified configuration of the room.

The Auschwitz Museum claims these were the locations of genuine holes, which were then filled in by the Germans when they chose to convert the crematorium to an air raid shelter for the nearby SS hospital.

Under Soviet occupation, the …


Issues of Smith’s Report Now Complete Online

Published on Saturday, August 29 2015 by Sonico

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A few days ago we called for your help in filling out our collection of Smith’s Report, a good number of which from years ago, as far back as 1990, we were missing. We can now say that we have all the issues we were missing, thanks to the help of those of you who attended to our petition. Thank you, one and all. Germar is doing the laborious work of scanning and converting these files on HTLM documents. He has provided a link to what is now on line and can be downloaded as a PDF. You can download …


Once Again it’s Us not Them

Published on Saturday, August 22 2015 by Sonico

By Bradley Smith

Hoffman’s ideas about “Cryptocracy” are too exotic and too complicated for me to understand. But here he informs me of something I do not hear discussed.

Michael Hoffman

For example: “The Cryptocracy has led the Right wing into imagining that usury after the Middle Ages was a Judaic invention, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘Jewish bankers.’ By this ruse, the gentile agents of the conspiracy are given a pass, which is one reason why conservative Catholics have scant awareness that usury was revived in the West by Catholic, and not Judaic, robbers who called themselves bankers. This was two …


Help Us Restore the Smith’s Report Archive

Published on Friday, August 14 2015 by Sonico

As CODOH’s sole periodical, Smith’s Report has always been produced on a shoestring. That was the case from the beginning, when it was typed up (on paper), photocopies onto yet more paper, mailed out, and … lost. Some of the copies we mailed out are undoubtedly still out there, but we can’t seem to find ours. If you have any of the issues listed below in your stash, could you either loan them to us, or scan them and e-mail them to us? We’ll put them right up on our site and thereafter, they’ll not only be permanently found, but …


Should Smith Apologize to Steven Pinker?

Published on Thursday, August 13 2015 by Sonico

Bradley Smith contemplates the possibility that Steven Pinker was not at Harvard during a Free Speech controversy in 2009, which might be why he remained silent.