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Inconvenient History Summer 2015

Published on Tuesday, July 28 2015 by Sonico

In Seventy Years, No Forensic Study Proving the Existence and Operation of the
“Nazi Gas Chambers”!

Robert Faurisson

In tribute to Professor Ben Zion Dinur (1884-1973), founder of Yad Vashem in 1953, forced to resign in 1959 for having preferred scientific History to Jewish Memory (as explained in my article in French of June 15, 2006).1

For the most commonplace murder, the judicial authority, happily enough, is never satisfied with “testimonies” but demands, before anything else, a forensic examination; to this purpose, the technical service of the police examines both the crime scene and the murder weapon while, for …


The Daring Young Man Meets William Saroyan at Harvard

Published on Thursday, July 9 2015 by Sonico

NOTE: The following story is from a collection published in my latest book, A Personal History of Moral Decay. The Crimson was told to not print an advertisement for the book because of its content. Can a simple literary work be so dangerous to Harvard students that advertising it in the Crimson should be forbidden? Here you can read the second story in the collection. Tell me what you make of it. Is the Crimson refusal to advertise this book one more illustration of the academic taboo that is so well established on the Harvard campus?

The Daring Young