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Why Free Speech is Fundamental. Sometimes.

Published on Wednesday, May 20 2015 by Sonico

Professor Steven Pinker
Department of Psychology
Harvard University
350 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 0213818
May 17, 2015

Professor Pinker:

I will reference your principled article published in The Boston Globe on 27 January, titled: “Why Free Speech is Fundamental.” There you write:

“The first reason is that the very thing we’re doing when we ask whether free speech is fundamental — exchanging and evaluating ideas — presupposes that we have the right to exchange and evaluate ideas. In talking about free speech (or anything else) we’re talking.”

Okay. Let’s talk.

Back in 2009 The Harvard Crimson ran a one-column, two-inch …


An Appeal from Bradley Smith

Published on Wednesday, May 13 2015 by Sonico


Over the last few weeks I have launched a new Website titled A light on Campus . The purpose is to dedicate the entire site to one specific issue: The Campus Project. While I have addressed university audiences for years now, this is the first time that I, or any of us, have devoted a full Web site exclusively to taking revisionist work to the American campus and addressing the role of academics in suppressing it.

Our first campaign using A Light on Campus is to engage one of the “top 100 intellectuals in the world,” Professor Steven Pinker …


Smith’s Report # 213 – May 2015

Published on Thursday, May 7 2015 by Sonico


By Bradley Smith

Over the last months I have grown increasingly aware that something is missing from my world, my life. That something made itself increasingly apparent to me after the publication of my recent book, A Personal History of Moral Decay. Moral Decay is autobiography, an episodic col-lection of stories that portray, without interpreting, occasions and happenings in the life over a period of some 40 years before I stumbled into revisionism.

The stories reveal, expose I might say, interesting complications of a life in which neither ambition nor achievement …