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Published on Saturday, April 18 2015 by Sonico

Professor Steven Pinker
Department of Psychology
Harvard University
350 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02138

18 April 2015

Professor Pinker:

I watched  you on YouTube giving the Keynote Address for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) 15th Anniversary celebration. The talk was titled “Three Reasons to Affirm Free Speech.” I admire the clear, forthright position you take on the question of Free Speech, and I believe I agree with everything you said there.

I am writing you because I am one of those who came to doubt the stories that Germans used weapons of mass destruction (gas chambers) in an attempt to …


Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein : An Update

Published on Sunday, April 12 2015 by Sonico

Note: You can read the original letter HERE

By Andrew Allen

First, an update on House bill  H.R. 5706, the Nazi Social Security Benefits Termination Act of 2014. Despite my letter to Congress, the legislation passed swiftly through various House and Senate committees, taking less than 30 days from its introduction on 11/19/14 to being signed into law on December 18 with the title “No Social Security for Nazis Act.” There were no nay votes. The bill had 48 sponsors in the House. The law amended Title II of the Social Security Act (Old Age, Survivors and …


A Question of Free Speech at Harvard

Published on Thursday, April 2 2015 by Sonico

Below is a letter I wrote to Harvard University President Drew Faust more than five years ago. It addresses a Free Speech scandal that was to inundate the Harvard Crimson and Harvard itself in 2009. Old news as it were. Review that history HERE

Still, the question addressed then, the Free Speech issue, remains as it was. The Crimson has informed me now that it will not run a small paid advertisement for my recent book, A Personal History of Moral Decay. The reason given is that the book makes the Crimson advertising manager feel “uncomfortable.” I am not told