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Eric Hunt Unveils New Film, Plans For Virtual Holocaust Denial Museum

Published on Wednesday, December 17 2014 by Sonico

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Eric Hunt, a Holo­caust denier known for attack­ing Nobel Peace Prize win­ner Elie Wiesel, released a new film on Decem­ber 6 titled The Maj­danek Gas Cham­ber Myth.

Hunt’s new film, avail­able on YouTube, uses clips of Holo­caust sur­vivors’ tes­ti­monies from the USC Shoah Foun­da­tion Insti­tute for Visual His­tory and Edu­ca­tion (estab­lished by Steven Spiel­berg in 1994) to claim that “all the gas cham­bers in the Maj­danek con­cen­tra­tion camp were designed and built exclu­sively for san­i­tary pur­poses as dis­in­fes­ta­tion facil­i­ties.” Hunt por­trays the Holo­caust as a whole as “a delib­er­ate psy­cho­log­i­cal war­fare cam­paign to …


Did the Holocaust Cause Israel, or …

Published on Saturday, December 13 2014 by Jett Rucker

spider… was it the other way around? Natali Vaxberg’s moving protestations notwithstanding, it can get confusing for those susceptible to soundbites and other propaganda designed to displace actual knowledge or thought.

Holocaust remembrance ceremonies are today as ubiquitous across America and Europe as Easter, Christmas and New Year’s all added together. And at these ceremonies most places, it has been de riguer, as well as gruesomely appropriate, to mention Israel repeatedly in worshipful tones, as though Israel were already the sovereign power it is today, during the Holocaust.

It wasn’t, though it feeds on the Holocaust somewhat the way …


Swindle the Nazis!

Published on Tuesday, December 9 2014 by Jett Rucker

Ever since its 1979 founding, the US Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations has sought ways to force immigrants suspected of having participated in dealings of the German National Socialist regime of 1933 – 1945 with Jews and other groups detained in labor and concentration camps during World War II to leave their adopted country – forever. Over 100 persons have been forced or persuaded to emigrate during this unit’s tawdry career.


Now, at the instigation of a report by the Associated Press of last October, a way has been found – and voted into law by America’s feckless Congress …


How Is the Holocaust Like Rape?

Published on Sunday, December 7 2014 by Jett Rucker

Well… Rape might be more fun for the rapist than the Holocaust was for its perpetrators, and for the victim, rape is arguably less life-threatening. But rape DENIAL, now that’s a different kettle of fish.

Nazi Rape

As Slate writer Amanda Marcotte recently tweeted, rape denial is the same as Holocaust denial and, as a Holocaust revisionist, I actually find much validity in the remark. Marcotte went on to explain that both were a refusal to accept reality, a powerful arrogation of the victim’s (honest, true, or otherwise) recollection of her intentions/wishes at the time of the alleged incident to some …