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Orson Welles and the First Holocaust Movie: A Lasting Legacy

Published on Monday, September 22 2014 by Sonico

by Jett Rucker

If the pinnacle of the Holocaust Movie genre has been reached , it may have  happened in 1993, when Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List garnered seven academy awards and untold millions of dollars in royalties for the film magnate who has since declared that the reason he has honored Planet Earth with a personal visit is to “educate people” about the Holocaust. To this end, he founded the USC Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California and has funded it with many millions of dollars, likely representing but a small fraction of the pelf he has received …


The Death Mill of Blowing Rock

Published on Monday, September 15 2014 by Sonico

by Jett Rucker

Where, oh where, is Caroline Sturdy Colls when one needs her? I visited Blowing Rock, North Carolina recently and hiked a lovely trail whose head was located almost “downtown” in this mountain tourist venue. The trail followed a babbling brook called New Years Creek through the forest that surrounds the town.

And as I trudged along enjoying the cool August mountain weather, the breeze in the branches, the warbling of all manner of their feathered denizens, something ominous appeared on my right, between the trail and the brook, with a sign whose title read, “The Ruins.” Being, …


Inconvenient History Fall 2014

Published on Wednesday, September 10 2014 by Sonico

 Editorial : Revisionism as Creative Destruction

Jett Rucker


William Blake (1757 – 1827) was as much an artist as poet, as much a printmaker as philosopher, but I fell in with the legions guided by his spirit when I encountered a passage that comes from a public address of his sometime around 1810 that appears as follows in his Notebook:

When I tell any Truth it is not for the sake of Convincing those who do not know it but for the sake of defending those who Do

It captured—very nearly—the spirit animating me as I engage in activities …


A review : A Personal History of Moral Decay By Bradley R Smith

Published on Tuesday, September 2 2014 by Sonico

Reviewed by Fredrick Töben


What a delight is was to receive a copy of Bradley Smith’s latest book in the old pocket-book size of 7×4 inches, a measure that translates into 18x10cm. It is of 316 pages and made in the USA at San Bernadino, CA on 15 June 2014 by, PO Box 1862, Charleston, WV 25327, USA. ISBN-10: 0989697282; ISBN-13 978-0989697286


Front cover of Moray Decay


In his May 2014 Foreword to the book Tito Perdue sums up Bradley Smith’s character and world view:

What Bradley Smith has done is to call up instances from his own life, and in


A review : Republican Party Animal by David Cole

Published on Monday, September 1 2014 by Sonico

By  Chip Smith

Coles book

Republican Party Animal is a layered chronicle of David Cole’s short but storied public career as a “Jewish Holocaust denier” and of his equally unlikely “second life” as David Stein, when he would come to play an influential role as an event organizer and Op-Ed dynamo among the guarded ranks of Hollywood conservatives before having his heretical past exposed by a vindictive ex-girlfriend. The dual biographical narratives converge in a morally conflicted tale of downfall and personal reinvention, of intersecting identities and of consequences wrought in the whirlwind momentum of a life less ordinary.

Cole’s telling is …