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Academic Freedom: Are There Limits to Inquiry?

Published on Saturday, August 30 2014 by Sonico

 By David W. Robinson, Ed.D.


On April 26, 2014, a conference was held at the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. This gathering was rather unusual in the history of such things, since it involved the discussion of a topic that isn’t talked about in American academia:  Are there boundaries to academic inquiry? This was the main theme, using JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust as test cases, but there were ancillary questions that rose in company with it. Are there topics of research and scholarly endeavor that are outside of the pale of legitimate research? Do subjects exist …


Dogma, Double Standards, and Doubt – The Bradley Smith Heresy and Beyond

Published on Thursday, August 28 2014 by Sonico

A review from 2009 of  Break His Bones: The Private Life Of A Holocaust Revisionist By Bradley Smith

By Michael K. Smith 





To act is to be committed, and to be committed is to be in danger.

—–James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

In his autobiography “Break His Bones” Bradley Smith gives us a lively and infuriating review of the Holocaust dogma that has crippled intellectual freedom in the U.S. It should be required reading for every course with an Elie Wiesel book on the class reading list. While sympathetic to Jewish suffering, it dispassionately analyzes the …


SMITH’S REPORT # 208 August 2014 is now online

Published on Friday, August 15 2014 by Sonico

Fredrick Töben Reviews

Republican Party Animal by David Cole

The three-page introduction serves to set the scene of a self-declared-reluctant author giving an interview to a late-arriving reporter of the JTA—Jewish Telegraph Agency. As he sits in a bar awaiting the reporter’s arrival he reflects upon his own alcoholism and how he had experienced social condemnation because of his Revisionist views, which made him worse than “pedophile Hitler strangling a puppy”.

When I read this sentence I wondered what kind of mindset—only a sick mind—could come up with such an expression, which is fully in tune with the obscenities one


FGCU Professor Is a Holocaust Hatchet Man

Published on Friday, August 15 2014 by Sonico

 By  N. Joseph Potts

A “permanently in exile” graduate of the UK’s Leicester University is an adjunct professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyers, Florida, from where he runs a number of little-visited blogs on subjects such as lynchings in his adopted neighborhood. Jonathan Harrison also works long and hard (226 posts since 2007) attacking people who express an interest in examining the facts behind the historical enterprise today labelled “The Holocaust,” on

In that undertaking, he displays aptitudes that would serve a lynch artist well indeed. His 2010 attack on my …


Counter-Currents Publishing Reviews : A Personal History of Moral Decay By Bradley Smith

Published on Thursday, August 7 2014 by Sonico

By James J. O’Meara

Counter Currents Publishing

Front cover of Moray Decay

“I’m setting out to see the world and make my fortune, just like they did in the old days. I know I’m past the age when these things are normally taken care of, but I’m a slow starter.”

In both title and even cover design, A History of Personal Decay, the latest from Chip Smith‘s Nine-Banded Books,[1] seems to beg comparison to Emil Cioran’s debut, Précis de decomposition (translated as A Short History of Decay), [2] suggesting perhaps the assertion of a link or genealogical connection, spiritual at least, between the distinguished voice …