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Happy 90th, Coco … and Hans

Published on Thursday, July 31 2014 by Sonico

by Jett Rucker

Johann Breyer and Heinz Jacob “Coco” Schumann were at Auschwitz together in 1944, although they presumably never met. Coco Schumann was a German, the son of a World War I veteran, and Hans Breyer’s native country of Czechoslovakia had become a German “protectorate” while he was a child. Coco was a member of one of the facility’s many inmate bands and orchestras—he was a guitarist, and spent much of his time entertaining not only his fellow inmates, but his captors as well, often enough in the same performances, at which captors and inmates both were present to …


Robert Faurisson on David Cole : Three Pieces

Published on Monday, July 28 2014 by Sonico

Here are three pieces in which I deal with the matter of David Cole’s activities concerning the Auschwitz-I “gas chamber”: first, a letter addressed to him and Bradley Smith on January 9, 1993; then, a footnote from the Introduction to my Ecrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998), December 3, 1998; finally, an extract from the May 8, 2000 presentation of my three letters to Le Monde (December 1978-January 1979).

With regard to Cole’s recent statements on the supposed gas chamber at the Struthof-Natzweiler camp I shall soon produce a brief text.


Robert FAURISSON, January 9, 1993

Letter to Bradley Smith and


Response to David Cole Regarding Treblinka

Published on Monday, July 28 2014 by Sonico

by Eric Hunt

David Cole has disparaged me specifically and my documentary

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax.

Here are his comments –

And here is my response –


A Revisionist sent me a link to David Cole’s written response defending his alleged belief that 900,000 Jews were “gassed”, buried, dug back up, cremated, and reburied and / or scattered at Treblinka 2. I was disparaged along with my documentary and I’d like to respond.

I thank him for taking the time and keeping an open mind while watching the documentary and responding to it. I wasn’t directly disparaged too roughly by Cole, so I’d …



Published on Monday, July 28 2014 by Sonico

By David Cole

[Editor’s note:  I had a misunderstanding with David about “publishing” this article. “Publishing” meant to me getting it into the hard-copy of Smith’s Report. “Publishing” for David meant “posting” it online and then whatever. In the event, his publisher Adam Parfrey got it up online several days ago. I understood then where I made my error. The other issues for me include the fact that I wanted to publish a response to Cole’s article so my readers would have help judging what Cole wrote. The response is now available. It’s by Eric Hunt. So now I …


David Cole Calls It a Day with Bradley Smith

Published on Friday, July 25 2014 by Sonico

David Cole on Robert Faurisson

“I’m going to make this short, and it will be my final word on the subject. I’ve been hearing a lot recently about Robert Faurisson badmouthing me. This is nothing new. This is what Faurisson does. He has systematically alienated, via his unwarranted insults, Mark Weber and David Irving, the two finest revisionist historians there are. Faurisson is displeased that I point out in my book that he froze on the witness stand at the Zundel Trial when asked about the Einsatzgruppen operations in the East after the invasion of Russia. If he is angry, …