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News from France – January 26th, 2014

Published on Tuesday, January 28 2014 by Sonico

1) At the big demonstration in Paris last Saturday (January 26, “day of anger”) against President Hollande and his government some participants, at least one with a megaphone, were heard chanting a slogan that can be translated “Faurisson is right: the gas chambers are a sham”.

 The demonstration gave rise to clashes between marchers and police: there were 262 arrests and 19 policemen injured. Those arrested were all subjected to the burdensome procedure of detention in isolation (garde à vue), in which a lawyer and a physician must be called for each person held. See

2) The well-known revisionist



Published on Monday, January 27 2014 by Sonico


NOTE: This text is being distributed widely to academics and students at USC.


At USC your Shoah Foundation — The Institute for Visual History and Education, boasts some 52,000 video testimonies in 32 languages from 56 countries.

My question is this: Is there one (one) video testimony among the 52,000 that challenges the charge that at Auschwitz Jewish Sonderkommando cooperated fully with Germans in the murder of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of innocent Jews in gas chambers?

The charge is that the work-Jews, the Sonderkommando, stuffed live Jews into the chambers, and once they were …


Anti-Semitism and the American Academic at USC

Published on Monday, January 20 2014 by Sonico

NOTE:  This letter is being distributed widely on the USC campus.

Annalise Mantz: Editor-In-Chief
The Daily Trojan
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
20 January 2014


Annalise Mantz


Re the text link we submitted to The Daily Trojan that reads: “I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz” The link leads to Chapter 18 of my book, Break His Bones. There I wrote:

“In the dream I see the faces of the work Jews who are accused of helping the Germans murder and dispose of thousands and tens of thousands of other Jews. The work Jews …


An Appeal to the Ad Manger of the Daily Trojan

Published on Wednesday, January 15 2014 by Sonico

NOTE: This letter to Professor Tylicki, the Advertising Manager at The Daily Trojan,
is being broadcast widely throughout the USC campus.


Professor Tylicki, Advertising Manager
The Daily Trojan
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
16 January 2014


Professor Tylicki:


Re our text link that we submitted to The Trojan and you have refused to insert:

The link reads: “I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz” The link would have led to Chapter 18 of my book, Break His Bones. Chapter 18 addresses a dream I had about the Jewish sonderkommando working for the Germans in the …


I Dreamed I was Gassed at Auschwitz

Published on Monday, January 13 2014 by Sonico

Chapter 18

Break His Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist

The dream I wrote about below took place in 1979. Thirty-Four years ago. I published it as Chapter 18 in Break His Bones. That was in 2002. I don’t recall reading it again until about a month ago. On that day I was thumbing through the book absent-mindedly, for reasons I cannot recall, when I came across the first line in Chapter 18.

“One night in late December I dream that I’ve been gassed at Auschwitz.”

I recognized the incident immediately but had forgotten that I had …