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Published on Saturday, December 14 2013 by Sonico

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December 2013

Dear Valued Supporter and (in many, many cases) Friend:

Once again, the end of the year is upon us. For me and for CODOH it’s the time to take stock of the past year’s work and to plan for the year ahead.

Last month I published the 200th issue of Smith’s Report. Over the years Smith’s Report has evolved to include cutting-edge revisionist research and reportage, but its main purpose continues to be recording my efforts to achieve …


Letter to the New York Review of Books

Published on Friday, December 13 2013 by Sonico

The New York Review of Books
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12 December 2013

Letters to the Editor:


I am writing to comment on Mark Lilla’s article, Arendt & Eichmann: The New Truth-

Professor Lilla defines his approach to history at the beginning of his article:

Every advance in research that adds a new complication to our understanding of what happened on the Nazi side, or on the victims’, can potentially threaten our moral clarity about why it happened, obscuring the reality and fundamental inexplicability of anti-Semitic eliminationism.

I …