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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Denial on Prime Time TV

Published on Wednesday, October 9 2013 by Jett Rucker

The runaway-popular series The Good Wife is in its fifth season this year. In its second episode, “The Bit Bucket,” aired this past week, the heroes are suing the NSA for damaging their client, a social-networking site of which Facebook would be an example in the real world.

The NSA, to discredit Chum Hum (the Facebook stand-in), puts a supposed Holocaust survivor on the witness stand to convey the bad feelings he experienced when seeing the page Chum Hum hosted for a “Holocaust denier” (stand-in for Bradley Smith and similar stalwarts). When the witness displays his forearm to a jury …


Basking in Reflected Glory

Published on Wednesday, October 30 2013 by Ken

I just published an article in which I argue Global Warming “deniers” are likely to be accorded increasing respect in the years to come as the mean global temperature has ceased to rise and is not likely to for a couple of decades ( It occurs to me that, if I’m correct, this new respectability might carryover to others labeled “deniers”, i.e., us. So, if you encounter anyone who has become skeptical about global warming, i.e., given the deniers a hearing, ask them if this causes them to wonder if others labeled deniers might not have something to say worth …