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New Dimensions in Deception

Published on Thursday, September 26 2013 by Jett Rucker

The Holocaust-advocacy camp is resorting to expensive, cutting-edge technology to flog the dead horse in novel ways. Flush, as always, with more tax-exempt money than it knows what to do with, the Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California is partnering with what sounds like a purpose-built contractor, Conscience Display, to render in three dimensions, videos that Impresario Steven Spielberg created a while back of people describing in detail all the horrible things the Nazis did to them back during the War.

Yes, this not only perpetuates the campaign, it at least sort of renders it in three dimensions. …


Abraham Foxman and the Syrian Gassings

Published on Friday, September 13 2013 by Bradley Smith

Abraham Foxman, National Director
Anti-Defamation League
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158-3560
(212) 885-7700,

12 September 2013

Dear Mr. Foxman:

With regard to the recent killings by chemical weapon s in Syria, either by the Syrian State or others, you have been quoted as saying: “Our people have been exterminated by the use of gas. We cannot stand by without a reaction when we see gas being used to kill others.”

I am going to take it as a given that you would argue that it is wrong to “exterminate” others, no matter what weapon is used to …


Letter to the Chairperson of the HETI

Published on Thursday, September 12 2013 by Bradley Smith

Peter Cassells, Chairperson
Holocaust Education Trust Ireland
Clifton House
Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 6690593

29 August 2013

Dear Chairperson Cassells-

First, congratulations on your election as new Chairperson of HETI.

In November 2010 the Holocaust Education Trust held a conference entitled International Conference on Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Since I am what you refer to as a “denier,” I wanted to attend.  So did several other people with, what is correctly called, Revisionist views. I thought I might contribute a small bit to people’s understanding of Revisionism if I spoke in support of …