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Scrutinizing Gas

Published on Saturday, August 31 2013 by Fooled-Author

Something about gas is . . . creepy. Often, you can’t see it. Supposedly, you can’t run from it (not so, but it can be hard to tell which way to run). If it “gets” you, it doesn’t leave visible marks, whether it kills you or not (again, effectively not true, but particularly on survivors, the outward signs disappear pretty quickly).

In this article in the National Review, the writer scrutinizes pictorial and other published evidence connected with the recent deaths of women, children, and old people in Syria, and his analysis is informative and persuasive. If scrutiny of …


100 Years of Selective Agitation

Published on Saturday, August 24 2013 by Fooled-Author

If the Anti-Defamation League now celebrating its hundredth anniversary were true to its sweeping name, it would long since have joined Paul Rassinier, Arthur Butz, Robert Faurisson and a host of others in opposing the Calumny of the Century against Germans. Hundreds of its victims were, like Leo Frank of the famous case that launched the ADL, hanged by lynch mobs wearing US, British, French and Soviet uniforms.

But slanders that serve agendas like Israel’s and that of a powerful cabal of a minority of international Jewry live on, and on, and on. Thus, at the beginning of only the …



Published on Friday, August 23 2013 by Bradley Smith

Peter Black
Senior Historian
Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Tel: 202.479.9728

August 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Black:

On July 3, 2013 Mr. Bradley Smith wrote your office at the USHMM regarding the Rosenberg papers, asking, “Why do you not simply scan and post the documents publicly so that everyone who is interested in the matter can view and analyze them for themselves? Once that is completed, the papers can then be returned to the Rosenberg family, who appear to be the legal owners.”

Because of the importance of the papers, it seemed a


Interview with Chip Smith on Revisionism

Published on Wednesday, August 21 2013 by Bradley Smith

First Published in Counter-Currents Publishing

by Greg Johnson
My interview with Chip Smith of Nine-Banded Books continues with a discussion on historical revisionism, particularly Holocaust revisionism, and the works of three of his authors, Bradley Smith, L. A. Rollins, and Samuel Crowell.

What is your take on revisionism?

In an important sense, I think revisionism simply refers to the ongoing process of investigating and interpreting history. It’s like when we were kids and we learned that Pluto was the ninth planet from the sun. Now it’s just a rock, or a proto-planet, or whatever. Only I just read where they’ve discovered

The Trial of Guenter Deckert

Published on Friday, August 9 2013 by Bradley Smith

First Published in
Radical Press

The Trial of Guenter Deckert 

by Sylvia Stolz 

(English translation by Christine B. Miller)  

“A prison sentence will not force me into believing.”
~ Guenter Deckert
“When I have doubts I demand the right to express them …They talk about tolerance, but mean the inquisition.  … The hunt to find incorrect literature pretending to fight crime. For a short time people can be intimidated by the threat of punishment, but the brain continues to reason.”
Thus spoke Guenter Deckert in his final comment at his sentencing February, 2012 in front of the state Mannheim.