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New at Elie Wiesel Cons The World: Adventures in Buchenland

Published on Monday, July 29 2013 by Bradley Smith

Elie’s Adventures in Buchenland

By Carolyn Yeager
“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Introduction: In Elie Wiesel’s book Night, we find the scenario and characters changing often, and in many cases, with little rhyme or reason that is apparent to the reader. One easily concludes that, like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it is a work of absurdity.
In Lewis Carroll’s classic, nothing makes sense because nothing has to make sense – the intention was to be a

The Jerusalem branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Center plans to unveil posters in three German cities to trace the last surviving Nazi death camp guards

Published on Wednesday, July 24 2013 by Bradley Smith

NOTE: The current spectacle of a man-hunt for war veterans in their nineties for alleged crimes against humanity (i.e. crimes against Jews), never established but only vaguely outlined by hearsay (see the Demjanjuk case), highlights the disappearance of our value of justice, sucked into the black hole of “the Holocaust”, and on into oblivion. A practice unimaginable a mere generation ago is fully accepted today thanks to general re-education, permitted without the least resistance on the part of those in responsible positions.

Such persons, instead of allowing an honest discussion of what happened to Europe’s Jews during that now distant


New Film tries to wash away the myth that Germans made soap out of Jews. Why?

Published on Wednesday, July 24 2013 by Bradley Smith

An Israeli film maker who is admittedly “obsessed” with the Holocaust is finally putting to rest the urban myth that the Germans used the remains of Jewish bodies to create bars of soap.
“Soaps,” a new film by director Eyal Ballas, 43, finds that the soap myth originated in World War I, when Germans were rumored to be turning bodies into a cleaning product. Of course, Ballas blames the Germans for reviving the ugly story, claiming that “SS guards would harass concentration camp members by threatening to kill them and turn them into soap.”
In fact, The Crazy Soap Myth

USHMM Does Revisionism – VERY Cautiously

Published on Friday, July 19 2013 by Fooled-Author

It seems that some revisionists are able to get the USHMM to revise their story – or, in this case, to defrock a former saint of theirs. This New York Times article reports USHMM’s and other Holocaust shrines’ actions in the evolving case of “Italy’s Schindler,” Giovanni Palatucci, heretofore enshrined for his wartime efforts in saving Jews in the Italian entrepot of Fiume.

The words at the very end of the article of Natalia Idrimi, director of the Primo Levi Center, on this occasion are truly haunting:

What matters is that this data can no longer be ignored.

One wonders …


Police State: MY, How You’ve Grown

Published on Monday, July 8 2013 by Fooled-Author

Yesterday’s op ed by Daniel Ellsberg (of 1971 Pentagon Papers fame) provided a stunning retrospective on what Ellsberg calls the “different America” that dealt with him 40 years ago vis-a-vis the America that NSA Leaker Edward Snowden faces today for having committed “crimes” very similar to those committed by Ellsberg. The effect of the comparison on me, already adult by 1971, was stunning. Those not yet of age by that time face a greater challenge in being so stunned, but I strongly recommend the out-of-body effort to every such person concerned with our shrinking latitude to express our views.

There …