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The Irrational Vocabulary of the American Professorial Class with Regard to the Holocaust Question

Rialto: Anatomy of a Slapdown

Published on Thursday, July 17 of 2014 by

By Jett Rucker

Eighth-graders in the public schools of Rialto, California were (almost) treated to a view of the Holocaust probably never before presented in any school, public or private, in America. As a highly structured activity designed to be conducted over a period of seven days, the assignment presented material from three different Web sites with which students were to develop answers to questions such as “Was the Holocaust an actual tragic historical event or a propaganda tool?” and support the answers with citations of statements from both the presented material and other material, from two extensive websites and …

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Smith’s Report # 207 is now online

Published on Tuesday, July 15 of 2014 by

The Evil Muse of Bradley Smith

By Ann Sterzinger

This is an astounding turn of events. My new book, A Personal History of Moral Decay, has been reviewed in Taki’s Magazine. This is a cultural event, if you will, that is a first. A book written by a Holocaust Revisionist being reviewed and reviewed positively, in one of the premier intellectual and cultural publications in the United States of America. Who has ever heard of such an event? Am I missing something?


June 18, 2014

Sometimes a book is so rich and alive that through a kind of …

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A review : A Personal History of Moray Decay by Bradley Smith

Published on Monday, July 14 of 2014 by

by Matt Forney

How exactly does a man find his calling in life? Is it through constant soul-searching? A near-death experience? A certain feeling that just comes from deep inside? Who knows? All I know is that Bradley Smith’s A Personal History of Moral Decay is about precisely this. While on the surface it presents itself as Smith’s personal memoirs, a collection of vignettes spanning nearly fifty years of his life, the real story is about his lifelong search for purpose.

And while Smith did find his muse, it took him well into middle age to get there.

And yes, …

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