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The Irrational Vocabulary of the American Professorial Class with Regard to the Holocaust Question

Community College Student Trustee Draws ire on Holocaust comments

Published on Thursday, October 1 of 2015 by

Cameron Weaver, twenty-six-year-old student member of the board of trustees of Los Rios Community Colleges in Sacramento, Ca., gave a long interview to a harmless-seeming female reporter from the student newspaper of one of the institution’s four campuses. In an interview that, judging by the reporter’s picture (Barbara Harvey), any ambitious young man might have been pleased to make as long as possible, Weaver expiated on school shootings, vaccines, 9/11 and – oh, no! – the Holocaust. Weaver is a thoughtful young mistruster of authority who in this case wasn’t quite thoughtful enough. He crossed the line, and Reporter Barbara …

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Did War on Hitler Actually Cause the Holocaust?

Published on Saturday, September 19 of 2015 by

By Bradley Smith

This is the title of an article on the website of The Jewish Libertarian, which describes itself as where Anarcho-Capitalism and Judaism Converge. The article, by Rafi Farber, is self-reflective and intelligent, though he is discovering stuff that a lot of us here are already more than familiar with.

Rafi Faber

Rafi Farber

Rafi is from Miami, made Aliyah in 2007, and lives with his wife and two girls in Karnei Shomron. He writes financial content for a living.

“Despite turning 180 degrees on almost all of my historical perspectives, there are some establishment positions that, even for me, …

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Smith’s Report # 215 September is Now Online

Published on Tuesday, September 8 of 2015 by

Being Jewish: Remembering the Holocaust

By Jett Rucker

In 2013, the Pew Research Center conducted a major survey, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, among American Jews to ascertain various group characteristics and opinions. In that study’s Chapter 3, “Jewish Identity“, a striking finding emerged that must be of great interest to Holocaust revisionists everywhere: “Remembering the Holocaust” is an important element of “being Jewish” to more Jews than is any of a list of eight other surveyed elements, including “Observing Jewish law” and even “Caring about Israel” (see table on next page). This finding could go a long …

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